how to find xur destiny 2

Xur, Agent of the Nine, is a returning NPC trader character from Destiny that is only available for a limited time each week. He appears and sells rare / high level items for special currency. See.. ... More

warframe how to get a scanner

Before you start Warframe there are things you should know about this game... It's both grindy and addictive as hell. If you are the type of person who is driven by ... More

how to say no fish in hong kong

Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are well connected by public transportation including the MTR, Airport Express and Star Ferry. Traveling time from Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to ... More

how to learn states and capitals fast

Learning your States and Capitals. To learn how to use Google Earth to complete your assignment, click here. Here is a nice website for learning your States and Capitals. How fast can you identify the lower 48 States? Take the challenge by clicking here! ... More

how to get an annular tear

Classic annular tear case because no one could find the source of the woman’s pain until after the lawsuit was filed. An annular tear can be hard to read. It also is hard to get insurance companies to buy into the case until they have sifted through all of the evidence. In the case, the insurance company made no offer until 10 days before the trial. The take-home message: it is going to be ... More

how to get rid of giardia in cats

It depends on the type of antibiotics, as well as the age and health of your cat. Usually it takes at least 7 days. However, a better alternative to treat respiratory infections in cats, especially if they are recurring ones is give your cat Respiratory Aid. ... More

how to get sweatbstains out of mattress

I also have sweat stains on pillows and mattresses because my husband sweats a lot. Anyway I have tried many different ways to get urine stains out of mattresses and I succeeded with this recipe that I recommend to you, too. ... More

how to lose 7 pounds in 7 days cleanse

Lose 7 Pounds In 7 Days Women Best Apple Cider Vinegar For Detox 7 Day Detox Cleanse Plan Dr Oz S Apple Cider And Lemon Detox Diet I have lost close to 30 pounds now at the same time decided to make this a life-style rather than a temporary wight lost. I feel better and healthier now than I conducted when Employed to be in college! To fully understand, discovered see the major flaw in our ... More

how to make him fall in love with me again

There are no perfect relationships as a result of differences in human nature which makes it imperative for everyone to act and behave in different ways although all co … ... More

how to get rid of the hangouts window in gmail

Once you have a keyboard under your fingers, head to your Gmail page or, where you'll find the Hangouts web app. If you've downloaded the native app for Windows or Mac, you can ... More

sims 3 how to get steady gigs

Some people had some questions on how to do certain things in the Sims 3 game. Before you ask me any questions and before you run searches online, please, please, please read the little handbook that came with the SIMs 3 CD case. ... More

pokemon xy how to get draco meteor

A brand new pokemon adventure awaits you in Pokemon XY Naturia. Explore the new region and become the best pokemon trainer there ever was. • Protagonist by gender, like as in Pokemon Crystal only with the protagonists of Pokemon XY. ... More

how to get better at soccer shooting

How To Get Better In Soccer; Dec 07. You can improve your soccer game. You can play better and do more. You could take your team to win. What would you do? You can do the following, to present your hand in your soccer game: Practice both inside and outside the court. You must be content with the ball. You can practice this by kicking the ball from one place to another. You can observe its form ... More

how to get the yellow gem in hang em high

29/06/2017 · They are the same levels as 7 and 19, with same crystals and gems and relics - You just enter them from a different place to get the yellow gem in Hang 'em High and the box gem in Future Frenzy. Unless this is some weird regional difference we're overlooking. ... More

how to make fsx scenery look more realistic

7/12/2009 · Use this form to search for downloads and addons including aircraft, scenery and more. Search entire site Use this form to perform a site-wide search … ... More

how to make facebook page group so anyone can join

By default, anyone can try to befriend you on Facebook, but if youd rather limit that a bit you can change it so only friends of your friends can add you as a friend: 3. ... More

c how to get data from post request

We are seeing that the request type is GET and the HTTP protocol version is 1.1. In the header part only one header information is there. The request is expecting JSON data … ... More

how to get staryu in fire red

Nests: Nests are the best way to find this Pokemon, like all the other First Stage Evolutions. If you personally know the location of a Nest for this Pokemon, a given area where anywhere from five to ten of this Species spawns, always go there first. ... More

how to get over a cold and flu fast

29/09/2004 What's the fastest way to get over a cold...i keep getting sore throats that take weeks to feel better..and i need to get over this one fast.. thanx for any help ... More

how to feel energized when tired

Have you ever wondered how did it happen that not just that long ago it was summer and you were full of energy, while now, rolling into fall, the energy is dipping low? ... More

how to go to tools in firefox

To start Tilt, hit Control+Shift+M (or Command+Shift+M if you’re on Mac OS), or go to Web Developer -> Tilt, available in the Firefox application menu (or the Tools menu on Mac OS). You can modify this hotkey (and other properties) from the Options menu after starting Tilt. ... More

how to lose your muffin top in 2 weeks

"Lose 1 Pound Doing This 2 Minute Ritual - Top 8 Simple Exercises to Reduce Bra Fat - Lose 1 Pound Doing This 2 Minute Ritual - Belly Fat Burner Workout" "Dumbbell RDL: This move targets the muscles of your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. ... More

how to get apple id without credit card

Click Create Apple ID. If you want to purchase paid contents from iTunes Japan Store and you dont have a Japanese credit card, get an iTunes Japan Gift Card . Itunes Japan Card ... More

how to get rid of lip lines

Get rid of info you don’t require. There are additionally occasions if you end up more involved with what kind of property you need to buy. If you would like to improve, you should be disciplined. And now you need to be questioning regarding the Lodges in Kuwait! The English group made enquiries however had been told to bugger off, this area was now in someone’s again backyard. Spend much ... More

how to find the parallel line of an equation

To create a parallel line from an equation, we start by identifying the slope of the original line. Then we write a second equation, repeating the slope but changing the y -intercept. Once again, because there are an infinite number of possible y -intercepts, there are an infinite number of equations … ... More

samsung s7 how to enter safe mode and fix error

With Samsung Galaxy S7 still on screen, press and hold the Volume Down button (left edge). Continue to hold the Volume Down button until 'Safe mode' appears in ... More

how to get rid of little blackbugs

Kitchen Cabinet Bugs – Flying Bugs In My Kitchen Cabinets Fab Flower Stencil 1 for Painting Contemporary Wall Photos of carpet beetle bites Photo termite damage drywall Bathroom Remodel Houston Bathroom Remodel Bathroom How to Get Rid of Ants in your House Natural & Safe DIY Diy bedroom cupboards (photos and video Carpet ... More

how to get hairless balls

21/12/2013 · I have shaved my cock and balls with the surroundings since I was 13--14 years old and now I am 28. It looks so sexy and awesome when I am naked with others [both genders] and I recommend it to all. It looks so sexy and awesome when I am naked with others [both genders] and I recommend it to all. ... More

how to get microsoft universal edition

7/10/2009 · It’ s going to be interesting to see if this carrot be used to get people to use other Microsoft Live services, and generate larger profits going forward. Office 2010 Starter Edition is certainly going to be an interesting move for Microsoft. ... More

how to find out what plant i have

6/06/2005 · Aside from doing research to find out how much water your plants need, here's a trick to help you tell when and how much to water: stick your finger in the dirt about an inch or so. In most cases, you should water your plants when the soil is slightly dry. Pour in enough water so that a little comes out the hole in the bottom of the pot. Avoid flooding the plant with too much water. ... More

how to get a water stain out of uggs

Women s boots nordstrom rack how to get water stains out of suede ugg boots ontario active men s shoes nordstrom women s boots nordstrom rack how to get water stains out of suede ugg boots ontario active. Related. Trending Posts. Where To Get Trialmaster Boots In Prodigy. Hunter Boots Warranty Nordstrom . Best Hunter Boots For Skinny Legs. Converse 6 Side Zip Boots. How To Wear … ... More

how to get rid of stainleaa

/J tbey abuse substances, but 1 t diat is B ut o n e nee 1 ^ ^ m ak in g a d through th e program have|^ ^ i f d K v c aan get past ttie nega* n is just easy to love. h e r n o d iffe re n t th a n an ations of the w ords ^Is else. ss.* • -----“Wfaen tfaeir m edione is worktf 10 in*Wewantio get rid of die stig* _____ jtal . iog rigfat, p e ^ with menti ill- __ rim es-iveujs^'S^taff ... More

how to get password for wifi router

However, if you forget your wireless network's password, you won't be able to gain access to the Internet. To recover your wireless password, connect your computer system directly to the router. From here, you can easily locate your wireless network's password. ... More

how to fix a shadow on macbook air

10. Click on the graphic showing the division of your hard drive space between OS X and Windows, then drag to the left or right to increase or decrease the size of your desired Windows partition. ... More

how to find provider name in sql server

This works only on a local SQL Server instance and only when connecting using windows authentication over local named pipes. The purpose is to be able to create a full rights SQL Server instance to a user with limited administrative rights on the computer. ... More

how to know if your phone number has been blocked

Even if you've blocked the caller's number, if he uses services like Star-67, it will still make your phone ring. The call will show up on your phone as "No Caller ID." The call will show up on ... More

how to make fish recipe

Save Recipe Turn a tin of salmon , potato and a couple of herbs and spices into a nutritious, tasty and fast weeknight meal Featured in Lunch recipes , Fish recipes ... More

how to get from adelaide to belize

Sydney to Belize City (SYD to BZE) Flight Facts. There are no direct flights to Belize City, Belize (BZE) from Sydney (SYD). Dallas-fort Worth is the shortest stopover city … ... More

how to find angles of vectors

The discussion on direction angles of vectors focused on finding the angle of a vector with respect to the positive x-axis. This discussion will focus on the angle between two vectors in standard position. ... More

how to get a cached copy of a website

Copy the "Cookies" file and save it on a removable storage device. On your new device, replace the version of this same file with the one you copied. On your new device, replace the version of this same file with the one you copied. ... More

how to get freeview plus on your tv

You get 70 TV channels - including the BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 - plus more than 30 radio stations. Freeview HD Alongside the standard-definition networks, Freeview now offers 15 HD channels, including BBC One HD (to receive HD channels you will need Freeview HD equipment). ... More

nachi falls how to get there

Nachi Waterfall overview Nachi Waterfall is an inviting destination that has something for everyone. Though Nachi Waterfall might not have many well-known attractions, you don't need to venture far to visit Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine and Myohosan Mountain. ... More

how to look sexy and cute

First of all, always try to style your hair down when you’ll be wearing a hat, it’s nearly impossible to look cute with a lump of hair in the back of your hat and equally impossible to keep the hat from ruining your updo. Before putting on your hat, rub the inside with a dryer sheet to prevent static and then spritz it with extra-hold hairspray. Once your hat is on, slide your fingers up ... More

how to fix boot manager windows 10

How to repair Windows 8 and Windows 10 boatloader on UEFI system IT Gallery & Misc; How to repair Windows 8 and Windows 10 bootloader on UEFI system. December 30, 2015 Windows No comments. share: In certain situations like installing dual boot with second OS, or cloning Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1) installed with UEFI mode, corruption of the Windows 8 bootloader can occur. It ... More

how to play joe satriani if i could fly

Free guitar backing track for If I Could Fly (2) by Joe Satriani in MP3 format. Download it for free. ... More

how to get rid of rat holes in yard

Trapping is one of the most effective ways to get rid of pack rats. However, poisoning them can also be effective when done properly. Pack rats are usually easy to trap, as they are not afraid of new objects and readily go for the bait. ... More

how to get started runescape

If anyone needs a 2018 version search look for *[Runescape 3] Tony's Ten Tips & Tricks for New Ironmen! Beginner + General Tips* ... More

how to find someones port

Port Scanning: Port scanning is the process of attempting to connect to a number of sequential ports, for the purpose of acquiring information about which are … ... More

how to grow seed potatoes in containers

While second early potatoes and main crop potatoes can successfully be grown in pots, first earliest are what we recommend you grow in containers. Potatoes Recommended For Growing In Containers Potato Rocket - Rocket is a first early variety that grows well in pots, will give a good crop of tasty potatoes and grows quickly. ... More

how to get singapore pr easily

It is offering good customer service like that, how to apply Singapore PR, How to get Singapore PR, PR Application and much more. It is a Singapore based company. It is very good reactions to our ... More

how to get a body like a male gymnast

25/08/2004 Or it could just mean that short-limbed girls tend to make good gymnasts, say the authors. Male and female gymnasts also showed a delay in bone age, according to a ... More

how to find your elf name

IF YOU WERE A FAIRY WHAT WOULD YOUR NAME BE? Embed. Facebook Comments. Quizzes Personality Quiz Quiz Animals Awesome Funny. TRENDING ... More

how to find standard smartforms in sap abap

13/09/2017 Selain smartforms, Ms. Word bisa digunakan sebagai template form dalam ABAP program. Singkatnya ABAP program akan memanggil dokumen Ms. Word yang telah ditaruh (store) di BDS (Business Document Service) melalui Tcode OAOR. ... More

how to find your webcam capture dimensons

Capture device: select the webcam device you want to use with CyberLink YouCam from the drop-down list. Capture folder : set the capture folder where your captured photos and videos are saved. To change the capture folder, select the button and select the new folder location. ... More

how to grow sweet potatoes in arizona

The potato is the underground part of the plant’s stem, which has thickened to provide food for the growing plant. The potato belongs to the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, whose other members include tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and tomatillos. The sweet potato, though, is a root. It is a member of the Convolvulaceae family and is closely related to the morning glory. ... More

how to can peppers and keep them crisp

For this recipe, you can use jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, or whatever other hot peppers you have available. Many of our hot peppers go into our homemade salsa (which has gotten hotter as the boys have gotten older), but I like to make up a batch of pickled peppers each year to use in tacos and enchiladas, or even to toss over the top of a roast when we want a little extra heat. ... More

how to get your jquery document ready

To begin manipulating the page with jQuery, we need to ensure the document is "ready" first. Create the file scripts.js in your js/ directory, and type the following code: $(document).ready(function() { // all custom jQuery will go here }); ... More

how to find the foc order

FOC Business / Finance Meaning If you're looking for the business or finance term that FOC stands for, you've come to the right place. Here on, we define the meanings of all kinds of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms, including those relating to business and finance such as FOC. ... More

how to know if your boobs have stopped growing

29/08/2017 · Oct 2016 how do you know when your boobs have stopped growing or if they can still i've been a healthy weight, my breasts continued to develop, but really slowly. How do you know if your breasts ... More

how to go yut kee restaurant

Yut Kee, Kuala Lumpur: See 321 unbiased reviews of Yut Kee, rated 4 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #138 of 4,713 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. ... More

how to you go to the toilet in space

The National Air and Space Museum has a $50,000 toilet. It’s functional, and it answers one of the greatest engineering puzzles of the 20th century: How do you pee in space? ... More

how to ask for leave as a new graduate

One of the top job-seeking resources online, SimplyHired allows users to filter jobs with “New Grad Job” status to help connect them with entry-level positions in their field. Alumni Central. Part of the College Central Network, Alumni Central boasts over 500,000 entry-level job openings for the new college grad. ... More

how to find a match on tinder on facebook

According to Business Insider, there are more than 1 billion swipes, and 12 million matches made per day on Tinder. [1] [1] Once you sign up for Tinder, your Facebook profile is authenticated. ... More

how to help someone quit drinking and smoking

5. Quit alcohol without any unpleasantness and detox your body naturally; even for heavy drinkers. Help lines and advice lines such as ‘Drink Aware’ go on to talk about physical symptoms including trembling hands, sweating, headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitations and lack of appetite….but in the small print they do actually admit that ... More

how to find key on keyboard

I cannot find the hash key on my acer aspire one keyboard. the assigned key gives me a sterling sign Hello The assainged key for 'hash" is "SHIFT - 3" If it showas any other symbol than this, the inside membrane of the keyboard is faulty. ... More

how to get rid of gremlins sims 4

6/08/2008 well i have the sims to what you can do is turn to one of the other kids you dont want and go to the news paper and put move out then you pick the other person you dont want and then a cab is going to pick them up and you will never see then again. or you can kill it by not fedding it . if the nanny dosnt leave shoo or kick her away. ... More

how to get gems fast in billionaire

Listen or download How To Get Free Gems Fast In Cl music song for free. Please buy How To Get Free Gems Fast In Cl album music original if you like the song you choose from the list. If one of the songs on the list are the copyright belongs to you, please Contact Us to send DMCA removal request, we will process at least 72 hours after we received your request. ... More

how to make a character jump in scratch

Coders learn how to design custom costumes to create a customized character builder for a selected theme. The purpose of this project is to reinforce understandings of messages while introducing new features in Scratch. ... More

how to add follow button on facebook account

21/10/2017 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue ... More

how to find if youve been blacklisted property qld

They are run by private companies and usually operate by subscription: a landlord or property manager, as part of their checks on a potential tenant, can dial up the database via the Internet to find out if the person has been listed. ... More

how to get in mi5

How to take Screenshot on Xiaomi Mi and Redmi Android Phones: Screenshot on Xiaomi Android phones can be easily taken with two different methods- 1. Hardware buttons and 2. Using Notification Menu. Lets have a look on both the methods. Method 1: Using Hardware buttons: Taking screenshots on Android phones using hardware buttons is one of the oldest and popular methods. Just locating ... More

how to find blood in stool

25/10/2018 · Blood in the stool is a common symptom of colon cancer. Blood can make your stool look either bright red or darker than normal, eventually even turning it black. If you are not sure whether you see blood or not, be safe … ... More

how to go to ibn battuta mall by metro

Ibn Battuta Mall The world’s largest themed shopping mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, is designed around the travel experiences of renowned Arabian explorer, Ibn Battuta. At Ibn Battuta Mall, shopping, dining and entertainment come together with history, culture and the story of a remarkable adventure. ... More

how to give yourself job title faceboook

Give yourself a cooling off period in which you decide whether you can shape the role to your needs and wishes, or if you need to ask your manager for change. If you decide to approach your manager, prepare your talking points by checking your job description and speaking to others in similar roles. ... More

how to get push up breast

While standing upright, push your boobs together. Pick another piece of paper tape and then apply it from the outer side of one sides breast, crossing over the nipples through to the outer part of the other breast. ... More

how to get orange zest

Zest Is Best: How to Make the Most of Your Lemon, Lime, and Orange Peels Your baked goods, pastas, and more are good. But they could be better—just add citrus and lemon zest. ... More

how to fix concrete paint that has blistered floor

7/07/2011 · DIY Painted & Stained Concrete Living Room Floors ***This has been my most popular post, with many comments and questions. I try to respond to everyone but many times I can’t because the email address for the commenter is listed as “ ”. ... More

how to find booking reference number british airways

Online services When you book on, you will have the world right at your fingertips. Earn bonus Qmiles, find special fares, manage your booking, and … ... More

how to find out your mobile number

... More

how to get rate of change

How do I determine the rate of change using C#? It's been a long time since calculus class, but now is the first time I actually need it (in 15 years). Now when I search for the term 'derivatives' I get financial stuff, and other math things I don't think I really need. ... More

how to get to know your dog

8/11/2017 · Get a “pup’s eye view” of your dog’s environment. To really understand your puppy’s day-to-day experience in your home, lower yourself onto the ground at its level to observe its environment. ... More

pokemon fire red how to get pikachu

Before you get the National Pokedex, you won't be able to trade with any game other than "FireRed" or "LeafGreen." With the Pokedex, Pokemon from other games are accessible. With the Pokedex, Pokemon from other games are accessible. ... More

how to get internet search on ps4

My brand new PS4 pro download speeds are shocking. I have sky Q router that gets about 50mbs on fibre unlimited. My Xbox one used to get about 40mbps but I swapped it for a PS4 pro. ... More

how to grow up cock

Jeanette Leardi is a Portland, Oregon, writer, editor, and community educator who has a passion for older adult empowerment and finds special personal fulfillment helping Boomers and older generations identify and share their wisdom with others. ... More

how to make 10 days go by faster

Back in the early days of Windows Indexing there was an ‘Index now’ option to force indexing to take more computer resources and finish indexing faster. Microsoft took that away in Windows Vista and has been willfully deaf to requests for its return. ... More

how to find your email address on ps4

7/08/2016 · As you have been a member since 12 Jan 2014 you will already have entered an email address when you first fired up War Thunder on your PS4 and will already have the bind to the Gaijin account with that email address. ... More

how to make my own fish tank decorations

Has anyone made their own decor for your tank? I'd like to make some decorations for one of my tanks if I can afford it, but I don't know where to begin! ... More

how to sell your soul to get what you want

Write clearly and decisively what you want, how you want it, when you want it and why. You should be detailed, and be sincere with your writing. You should be detailed, and be sincere with your writing. ... More

how to get pmi acp certified

PMI PMI-ACP Certification Practice Tests & Exam Dumps are Popular. Updated. Checked! Download PMI PMI-ACP exam dumps and practice test questions and answers are files in VCE format. Convert to PDF. Open in Avanset VCE Player & Practice in real exam environment. Pass your PMI-ACP … ... More

how to get pr for australia what is thedocument

Australia is one of the key destinations for many of the migrants who are looking to move to Australia. You can consult the expert immigration consultants and get your free assessment done before applying for skilled independent visa 189. ... More

how to make a youtube clip go viral

13/11/2011 · YouTube monitors all uploads to its website, and if there is enough interest or it believes the video will go viral, it contacts the user who uploaded it to offer them the chance to make money. ... More

how to learn yoga poses

Yoga for Beginners - If youre new to yoga, start with these 10 basic asanas (poses). Yoga is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical well being. Yoga is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical well being. ... More

how to fix 6to4 adapter vista

SmartPCFixer is dedicated to helping computer users to fix 6to4 adapter problem code 10 in vista on compaq problems, clean bad registries, repair dll errors and speed up PC to the best state! ... More

how to live without a shower

Pick out a caravan shower, specially geared to your needs. With a variety of shower kits (like the Eutopia and Hand Held Rose), in addition to External Wall Showers and 20L Solar Showers, the possibilities are literally endless. ... More

how to get back deleted text messages on iphone 8

After a couple of minutes, the deleted text messages should appear back on your iPhone. The 4th Step: Retrieve deleted texts on iPhone: use a third-party app If neither of the steps above worked for you, then you have the option to try few third-party apps like Fone Rescue by Fireebok. ... More

how to find someones instagram from facebook

... More

how to get puffy cheeks

Many people suffer from puffy cheeks, in other words, swelling in their cheeks. Some people suffer this look; it looks like they are always chewing a mouthful. ... More

how to get computer to read text

Use the Get-Content cmdlet to read your text file, iterate over each line (computername) using the ForEach-Object cmdlet and ping it either using the Test-Connection cmdlet or via cmd ping: ... More

how to get from venice airport to hotel delfino

Hotel Delfino Venezia Mestre, Mestre, Italy. 44K likes. Hotel Delfino si distingue per l’alto numero di camere disponibili: tutte finemente arredate e... ... More

how to know how far are you pregnant

Now that you know how far along you are, it might be helpful to know that pregnancies are often referred to in weeks and trimesters. Take a look at this pregnancy timeline for a breakdown of the weeks, months, and trimesters of pregnancy : ... More

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how to get rid of hand callous

Though calluses on your hands and feet are a tried-and-true sign of a hard day’s work, they can be irritating and sometimes painful when they build up too much.

how to make a dress look shorter without cutting it

You can't quite rock a maxi dress, you can never reach the top of the grocery store shelves, and now you can't have long hair. Of course you could wear your hair any way you like, but long locks may overpower you. "If you are a short person, avoid long hair past your shoulders as that will make you look shorter, and it will make your neck visually disappear," said Bush. Be brave and go for

how to listen to music on ps4 while in game

On the PlayStation 3 (PS3), music stored on the hard drive can be played during live gameplay by accessing the PlayStation menu while in the game.

how to make wood look like concrete

Yes! You can make concrete look like wood. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to do this. For one, you may have a floor you are not proud of but you can't rip out.

how to get a free crossbow

Crossbow bolts is not an issue as there is a dude firing them into a tree outside the fort where it seems like there is an unlimited amount. Was wondering if there are any crossbows lying about and whether I can get my hands on one without triggering the questline.

how to fix the us healthcare system

13/08/2012 · One of my favorite writers on health care is Atul Gawande. As a doctor, he speaks from his experience within the system, but he is always looking from insights from outside.

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Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 6H9

Scotland: Aberdeen SCO, Livingston SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Paisley SCO, Dundee SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 5B3

Wales: Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 1D9